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Beastiary is designed for visualising and analysing MCMC trace files generated from Bayesian phylogenetic analyses. Beastiary works in real-time and on remote servers (e.g. a HPC). Its goal is to be a beautiful and simple, yet powerful tool for Bayesian phylogenetic inference.


$ pip install beastiary

---> 100%


To start beastiary use the beastiary command. This will start the beastiary server.

$ beastiary

🐙🐁 <span style="color: blue;">STARTING BEASTIARY</span> 🐁🐙

Go to: <span style="color: green;"></span>
If prompted enter token: 8e02d06b-d30e-4a89-8476-fb22712a31b3

The server will start on by default. Every time the server starts it will generate a unique token that can be used to log into the webapp.

Go to and log in with the token.

Add a log file using the ADD button.

Explore the traces of different parameters.